WorkCover Consultations

WorkCover is the New South Wales workplace health and safety regulator, who is responsible for the management and compliance of workplace standards. Or doctors here at Patrick St Medical Centre work within these guidelines to provide medical services to injured eligible employees. Whilst providing outstanding care during the employee's injury period, our doctors subsequently ensure their WorkCover patients are receiving appropriate worker's compensation for their hardship and ensuring the most effective methods of rehabilitation to make certain of efficient recovery.

Virtual WorkCover Consultations

There is an ever increasing need for employers and injured workers to have access to high quality medical care.  We are able to cater for this need through our heavy investment in our IT platform which allows our practitioners to properly and efficiently utilise this new technology.  Patrick St Medical Centre caters for the health and safety of all individuals despite their geographical location or disability to visit our practice and doctors physically. Therefore, we offer the same level of care for injured employees under WorkCover. For remote WorkCover consultations, our doctors can diagnose and refer patients to further tele-services with our onsite physiotherapists or other specialised professionals in the patient's geographical location. Additionally, for employers seeking this convenient and effective alternative, they will also have access to our assigned WorkCover physicians 7 days per week, up  to 11pm.